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Immediate Dental Implants

Teeth in One Visit is the immediate functional loading of titanium screw-shaped dental implants. This protocol is gaining great popularity throughout the world for both professionals and patients interested in reducing, or even eliminating, the waiting period for implant supported fixed teeth.

Now, it’s possible to go from having missing teeth to having functional and aesthetic teeth in just one treatment session. If you desire a more beautiful smile without having to wait like you do with traditional dental implants, the Dental Health Solutions of North Andover‘s Dental Implant Center offers Teeth in One Visit. Our state-of-the-art Teeth in One Visit process eliminates the four to six month implant integration period that’s usually required before new teeth can be placed.

Nowadays, hopeless teeth can be removed, dental implants placed, and a fixed temporary bridge inserted within 12 hours in most cases. Typically, the provisional bridge will be replaced in 3-4 months by the restorative dentist.

This solution is of great value in cases of a single tooth, or a complete replacement of teeth. The initial stability that is achieved with dental implant placement, combined with the splinting effect that is achieved by joining multiple implants together with an all-acrylic prosthesis, acts to stabilize the implants and control the load during the osseointegration healing period.

Not every patient and not every site is indicated for Teeth in One Visit. Patients need to understand the limitations of such treatment and be willing to accept the precautionary measures that are scientifically set forth. It is strongly recommended that patients be on a soft diet during the three-month healing period to limit the functional forces during osseointegration. While this cannot be easily enforced, patient compliance is an important factor in achieving success.

Thanks to Teeth in One Visit, you can leave the Dental Health Solutions of North Andover Dental Implant Center with a new smile after just one visit! See how you can transform your smile in just one day. An experienced North Andover implant dentist will be happy to show you how you can have a beautiful smile in only a few hours. Contact Dental Health Solutions of North Andover‘s Dental Implant Center for a consultation today.